Castells - Colles Castelleres de Catalunya

Who we are

Castells-Catalan Human Towers is a registered trademark promoted by the Coordinadora de Colles Castelleres de Catalunya - CCCC (the coordinating body for human tower clubs in Catalonia), which gathers all the existing human tower clubs. The aims of the trademark are:

- To raise the profile of the human tower phenomenon even further, making it stronger and clearer, both at home and abroad.

- To protect the image of human towers from inappropriate use by others.

- To take advantage of the opportunities to generate income that could help finance the world of human towers, without coming into conflict with the amateur, non-commercial spirit of human towers.

The entire trademark strategy, as well as the products included, must respect the criteria defined by the document “Els valors socials del fet casteller” (“The Social Values of Human Tower-Building”), approved by the CCCC assembly in 2012, as well as the operational guidelines under the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In this sense, and as recommended by UNESCO’s operational guidelines, the Castells trademark ensures that the financial resources deriving from the activity come back to those who make it possible, so they can continue it.

Using Castells trademark products therefore means helping to ensure that the clubs can continue to build their human towers.

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